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AAS Basketball 2015 National Tournament

The entry fee for the National Championships will be as follows:
Teams playing in 4+ AAS tournaments $385
Teams playing in 1-3 AAS tournaments $420
Teams playing in National Championships only $450

Multiple teams discounts available.

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All-American Sports League Information

Earn a FREE entry into an AAS Basketball tournament by playing in the league!!! Winners in each division earn a FREE entry into an AAS basketball tournament.

Runners up in each division earn 1/2 credit towards an AAS basketball tournament.
3rd Place teams in each division earn 1/3 credit towards an AAS basketball tournament.


Who is All American Sports?
All American Sports (AAS) has been around for over 10 years in the San Antonio area organizing some of the biggest basketball tournaments in the state. The goal of the program is to prepare participants for competitive play, while teaching the fundamentals of the sport. AAS also offers a full range of programs from personal training, AAS Academy, Camps, Clinics, Weekend tournaments and our National Championships that hosted 400 teams in 2014.

What makes All American Sports different?
AAS is an affordable sports league run by experienced personnel and players. Our league encourages creativity and innovation. This can be shown with our basketball league by offering teams the opportunity to play an entire season in only 4 weekends. Thats right no more having to go to the gym to play 1 game for 8 weeks! With AAS teams will play 2 games every other weekend. So thats 6 league games and a 2 game guarantee end of season tournament. Additionally, teams build credits for entry into a competitive tournament by simply playing in the league.

What age groups does AAS offer?
We are a grade based program. This is in alignment with ALL major competitive basketball programs across the country. Additionally, it affords the opportunity to stay together as the team gets older or goes from one sport to another.

Example - If you son/ daughter is in 4th grade then they will play in the 4th grade division.

A complete list of rules can be found under the rules tab or click here.

Who coaches my child’s team?
All teams are coached by adult volunteers. Parents are encouraged to be more than spectators by contributing their time as volunteer coaches, team scorekeepers or team parents. All American Sports will schedule training for all volunteers to educate them how to organize practices, delegate, basic first aid as well as answering any questions.

What does the Basketball league registration cover?
The league fee covers 6 league games and a 2 game minimum end of season tournament. It also covers your child’s game jersey. Parents are responsible for their child’s game shorts.

What does the Football league registration cover?
The league fee covers 7 league games and a single elimination end of season tournament. It also covers your child’s helmet decals. Parents are responsible for supplying helmet, pants, shoulder pads and practice jersey. A checklist will be given to parents at the Player Assignment Meeting.page1image26440

Now that I have registered, what is next?
Parents will be contacted by office staff to confirm all information. Parent or team representative is required to attend the Player assignment meeting. See important dates below.

When are Basketball practices held?
Practice is held during the week. Teams are assigned a day and location, usually a local elementary school. Schools located in NEISD, NSISD, JISD. Practice gyms are given our for 1 hour per week practices each week.

When are Football practices held?
Teams are responsible for their own practice fields.

When are where are Basketball games played? 
Teams play 2 games every other weekend! This innovative schedule allows teams/ families not to be tied up every weekend in a season and have the ability to plan other activities! Teams will play 2 games, close together, in the morning or the afternoon, we won’t make you stay at the gym all day.

(Example - Roadrunners play at 8am and 10am or 11am. Dates and location TBD)

When are where are Football games played?
Teams will play 1 game a week. Usually on Saturdays, location TBD

Where can I find my child’s schedule?
All schedules and standings will be available on the website. www.aasbasketball.com

Does my child get to play in every game?
Yes. All players are required to play at least half of the game. We do ask parents to make sure to have your child attend practice on a regular basis so they are prepared for games. Coaches will meet with parents at meeting to explain team practice expectations.

When are uniforms fitted and ordered?
We will have sample jerseys at the Player Assignment Meeting so that parents can fit their child for their game jersey. The league will then order all jerseys the following week to ensure that we they arrived on time.

How do I get my child’s jersey?
Jerseys will be picked up at the All American Sports office, date and times TBD. A team representative from each team will pick up all the jerseys for the team.

What is the refund policy?
Refunds are available until Sept. 24th. There is a $20 processing fee on all refunds.

Jan 3rd, 2015 - Player Assignment Meeting & Weigh in for Football! (Also will use as late registration date)
Location - TBD
Time 8:00 am - 2:00 pm

Jan 5th - Practice begins for all teams

Jan 7th - Coaches Meeting (Basketball) Location - All American Sports Office
Time 6:30 - 8:00 pm

Jan 8th - Coaches Meeting (Tackle Football) Location - All American Sports Office
Time 6:30 - 8:00 pm

Jan 29th - Uniform Handout
Location - All American Sports Office Time 6:30 - 8:00 pm

Office Address
All American Sports 600 N Loop 1604 E San Antonio TX 78232

Basketball game dates
Feb 7th - League games
Feb 21st - League games
March 7th - League game
March 21st - End of season tournament Nov 23rd - End of season tournament

Football game dates
Jan 31st - League games
Feb 7th - League games
Feb 14th - League games
Feb 21st - League games
Feb 28th - League games
March 7th - League games
March 14th - League games
March 21st - 22nd End of season tournament

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